Patient Benefit

Patient Benefit

Acceptability and insurance verification are important to ensure precise and timely receipt of data with respect to insurance coverage and deciding the patient's responsibility to pay for healthcare services. And still, at the end of the day, many health care organizations don't pay the required attention to the eligibility & verification process. Accurate and convenient assurance of the patient's qualification gives healthcare providers an unmistakable view on patient's inclusion, out-of-network benefits. Furthermore, correct insurance data. Incorrect insurance data could bring about delayed payment best-case scenario, or forswearing even under the least favorable conditions.

Carrying out eligibility verifications enables healthcare providers to submit clean asserts. It dodges claim re-accommodation, lessens demographic or qualification related dismissals and denials, increases forthright accumulations; prompting improved patient satisfaction. Likewise, verifying approval prerequisite before the service keeps away from refusals, and adds to increment in collections. Outsource iGlobe Healthcare's Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization services to reduce billing errors, optimize revenue cycle and reduce patient denials.

Eligibility & Benefits verification services

  • We get our work process through the patient scheduling system, EDI, Fax, messages, and FTP records
  • We at that point check essential and auxiliary including member ID, coverage details, bunch ID, inclusion period, co-pay, deductible and co-insurance data, and benefits data.
  • We utilize the best channel (call or web) to associate with the payer
  • We contact the patient if there should arise an occurrence of absent or invalid data
  • We evaluate computerized qualification check utilizing our RPA instruments

Earlier Authorization

  • Decide earlier approval requirements
  • Plan and submit administrative work to the payer
  • Follow-up on submitted earlier approval requests
  • Inform the customer for any issue with the approval demand

iGlobe healthcare’s value proposition for eligibility verification services

  • Enhance cash flow
  • Diminish patient-related dissents
  • Stay away from the dismissal of cases by payers because of off base or fragmented data
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Distinguish the patient's duty responsibility upfront

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