What We Do?
UX/UI Design

Why Do You Need a Better UI/UX Design for Your Website/App?

UI/UX Design is what make or break the customer experience. We know an annoyed customer is hard to handle and enough to make the growth and progress difficult, but completely losing them because of messed up design is far much worse. The first thing with which your audience will interact is the user interface while the user experience design is the site or app performance.

Does your idea seem complicated to you? Don’t worry we are here to understand your Get the overall design process that begins with the scheme and ends with a magnificent experience by iGlobe Solutions. Our ability to meet all the requirements of the client comes from the expertise and experienced team we have.

In our work center, we have a team of UI/UX Designers and Quality Analysts that make sure to deliver creatively crafted and strategically designed website or application so that your business can reach the next level.


Design Services

Wanna build your project with an experienced team that offers a unique and interactive design for your website or application and delivers an outstanding result? Turn to iGlobe Solutions UI/UX Services that will bring out the best, engaging and user-friendly in your project.

Architecture Planning

Our team logically organizes information of the app or site so that it gets user-friendly, consistent and responsive on every platform it is being used and the users can rapidly find for what they are looking for.

Roadmap Design

Our well-versed UX designers easily identify the interaction that is required and create a roadmap for your project that stays as per your business goals, data flow, architecture planned and user expectations.


The expert team we have for creating wireframes creates a design blueprint of your project that ensures that the right data or information is displayed at the right place in the right manner.

Visual Design

Another essential factor that matters in the website/application is its looks. Our UX designer makes sure to develop attractive visuals on the project that is according to the user and the brand’s requirements.


Our expert frontend developers codes and establish your website’s interface using coding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and keeps in mind to let the system work as per the architecture and roadmaps.

User Testing

Before uploading the site and making it available for other users, we make sure to check how the system is working by providing it to different users and see if there can be any improvements.

Why Choose Us for

UI/UX Designing?

iGlobe Solutions focuses on user-experience and the website/application interface for your Business to gain more traffic, responsiveness and lower bouncing rates.

Make it Easy

We include simplicity in the site to confirm that the visual element and design of the site is showcasing the site’s/app’s purpose.

Proper Page Layout

We pay extra attention to the page layout of the site or app at the time it is being designed to make user experience worthy.

Shorter Loading Time

To avoid the main turn-off of the site/app we design it in a way that it’s waiting time remains around 4 seconds only.

Focus on Experience

Our expertise UX/UI Designers not only focuses on the fact that the page is useful but also on its user experience.

Our Development

Process Steps

Strategic, Creative and Customizable App Development with a Team of Experienced Professionals.

Analysis of Requirement

Firstly, we get to know the client and understand the client’s needs and requirements. After getting all the details of the project and what the client wants, we proffer them a few solutions to opt from.

Wireframing & Designing

Once the client selects from our proposed solutions, our team makes the blueprint structure of the project and then start wireframing each and every page of the app. When the wireframing gets completed, our team designs the app.


With completion of design, we move forward with the coding and laying out of the main sections. With almost done work, we share the project with the client and then take their feedback.

Testing & Delivering

After that our quality analysts test the app and make it 100% bug-free. And for the final approval, we send the bug-free app to the client. If everything fits perfectly we make it available for all the users.

Got an Idea?

Discuss with our experts & get a spectacular proposal that will uplift your Business to a whole new level.