May 02, 2022

When many beginners and business however initially place their firm online to cater to the demands of fewer clients, shared hosting is the go-to website hosting option. However, when the company grows and the website receives more traffic, more resources and capacity are required to effectively manage the increasing server requests.

VPS Server Hosting is useful in this situation. Unlike shared hosting, it is one of the most flexible and scalable hosting services available, with a high level of customization. With a VPS Server, you can successfully handle a large volume of traffic without jeopardizing your website’s speed and performance.

VPS Hosting is popular among high-traffic and dynamic websites for this reason. In this article, we’ll go through the advantages of a VPS Server for high-traffic websites in further detail. But first, a quick refresher on VPS Hosting. 

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS Hosting is a sort of website hosting in which numerous websites share the resources of a single server, but with dedicated resources and isolation. On a VPS server, each website is isolated from the others and has its own set of resources that aren’t shared with other websites. This is made possible via a process known as server virtualization, as well as software is known as a hypervisor.

If you choose the VPS package with 6GB RAM, 300GB Storage, and 4 CPU cores, for example, these resources are devoted to your website only and cannot be accessed by any other website on the server.

Benefits of VPS Hosting


The Trustworthiness of a website is one of the most essential components that contribute to its success. Websites that fail frequently and for lengthy periods—  face a two-fold dilemma. For starters, customers will leave your website with a low uptime, so unreliability damages your SEO as well.

The fact that all websites on a VPS are isolated from one another means that the acts of one website will have no bearing on the actions of others websites on the server. This completely solves the infamous ‘Bad Neighbor’ issue.

Of Course, server hardware issues can bring your website down, but with good hosting companies, these occurrences are uncommon. As a result, a VPS Hosting plan from a reputable hosting business minimizes the likelihood of a website crash, enhancing your uptime.


The average time it takes for a webpage to load has been constantly decreasing. These days, a load time of two seconds is considered average. Of course, website performance has an impact on SEO, and numerous studies have shown that users just refuse to use slow websites, implying that website speed is critical.


VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. It does not, however, provides website isolation or dedicated resources. Furthermore, Shared Hosting is best suited to small websites with little traffic.

VPS achieves the ideal blend of performance, features, and cost. It provides performance comparable to Dedicated Hosting — performance security, management, and isolation — on a smaller scale, making it a popular alternative for high-traffic websites that aren’t quite there yet.

The Root access in VPS

The term ‘root’ merely denotes a username that is shared by practically all Linux systems, including servers. The root user is presumed to be the compu7ter’s system administrator, and so has full access to all of the computer files, directories, and settings.

A root user may install and remove programs, change security parameters, manage all ports, and much more. The term “root access” simply indicates that you have access to the username and password.

Because several websites share the same platform and modifications performed in the root can have repercussions for everyone, root access is typically not provided in Shared Hosting setups.


VPS hosting is the best hosting for those who want a high traffic and dynamic hosting. Along with this, it also guarantees other features like maximum uptime, fast speed, and seamless performance irrespective of huge traffic spikes. However, the services only depend on the company of web hosting. At iGlobe solutions, we offer immense performance-driven services. So, get in touch with us as soon as possible to get your website to get more traffic.