Sep 07, 2020

In the latest marketing era, each and every business is using every possible strategy to boost up their business in this extreme competition. We can say that an app is not only a dispersion medium but it can help you in perfectly building a channel of communication for brands to adapt, learn and address customer requirements better than before while simultaneously meeting objectives of the business.

With a website, you can definitely gain many advantages that will help in empowering your brand’s visitor’s experience but just having an online presence is not sufficient anymore. Previously when the websites were fresh and innovative it would have attracted many customers with features like newsletter subscription, online shopping with a cart, live chats, amidst some other features that were developed at that time.

But the customers nowadays are not only looking for your website but they also want a mobile application developed by your company. Currently, all the customers like to access the information instantly, explore more options, regardless of their place and time. Apart from that, all the customers want their experience with organizations is similar to their opinions and services. If in case your business doesn’t include mobile it will be missing out many opportunities such as: engage, connect, transact, influence and support potential customers of the site.

How to Know if Your Brand Needs A Mobile App or Not?

With the day by day shift of companies into the mobile helps in targetting the customer in a more customized manner. If you will have an amazing mobile strategy then your brand can interact with the customers at any time from anywhere. It’s not like as the customer is spending his/her more time using a smartphone then you will also need an application to reach them. However, there are some signs that will help you in knowing if you should go for the mobile app for your business growth or not.

  • 1. You get a lot of mobile traffic to your website:
    If your brand is receiving a high amount of traffic on its website then it’s the right time for you to give a thought to mobile app development. You have to keep tabs on the customer’s interactions digitally. As it has been seen that when customers start to visit your site as often as they could they want more engagement from the brand on their smartphones. So why don’t give them the best and personalized mobile app experience?
  • 2. Your company is e-commerce based:
    If you are an e-commerce brand and are waiting for the traffic through websites only then you should stop and think about how important it is to examine mobile shoppers. Never just rely on the website of you for the increase in the sale as an e-commerce app would be proven to enhance your sales, profit and also provide customers with push notifications to keep them up to date with the latest launch of product or services.
  • 3. You have a brick and mortar store
    Many searches show that almost all shoppers use their retail app for the price and quality confirmation while visiting in-store. And the reason behind this is finding/viewing products, checking in-store discounts, ratings/reviews of the products and more. Lifting the data about all the customers can easily help your brand to personalize the app experience while they are in store.
  • 4. You can offer more value beyond your website:
    The most important strategy of the mobile app is understanding your customer’s needs and requirements from your brand. Do you think they can have a better experience with the mobile app? The better you will know about your customer need, the more you will be able to resolve their issues.
  • 5. Your competitors have a mobile app:
    Does your competitor already have an application? Then it’s time to catch up before it becomes too late to gain profit and customer trust like them. And NEVER copy any app that is already in the market. Instead with the help of iGlobe Solution offer your customer a unique app experience that will give you more profit than any other competition of yours.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

One thing we all know is that apps are vital in our regular lives, but they benefit brands is a must-know topic. So today, we will share some of the major advantages of Mobile App Development:

  • 1. Enhance Customer Experience:
    Developing an app or a website, at last, comes to one major goal and that is the increased customer experience. For any mobile app development, the focused goal is its customer and their experience which must align completely as per the main business of any company.
    Many few of us knows that a mobile app is more than an index of all the products. It offers the opportunity for the brand to interact with customers and acknowledge their requirements. Apart from just enhancing the experience of the customer it also proffers unique experience from the brand.
  • 2. Increase Brand Visibility:
    If your brand's app will be on their phone then it will be stuck on their subconscious. Besides, the app should have good deals that empower the brand-customer relationship. The main focus of an app must be to locate the problems customers are facing and provide them with a great solution to easily encourage the customer in using the app regularly. Let’s say if your app will have in-app promotions, poke users to re-visit, rewards to increase consumer conversion is popular among the customers. From all of this, your brand visibility will increase and also strengthen the overall brand’s reputation.
  • 3. Boost Customer Engagement:
    Another method to empower the brand-customer relationship is by engaging with them in an unforgettable and significant manner because all the users these days need personalized as well as immediate communication.
    The more a user’s preferences and needs would be matches, the more they will use your app. With the least effort help your customers with information and content. When you address all the user’s need and create an easily accessible content than you will enhance the overall experience of the user efficiently. When your app has a good experience, it will increase the number of positive reviews, ratings that will lead to more downloads of your app.
  • 4. Gain A Competitive Edge:
    With an amazing mobile app, you can easily stand out from your competition. When you will offer resolutions to all the problems your customers are facing then they will definitely recognize you. Customers only like the brands that evolve as per their needs instead of the non-adapting ones. So don’t ever fall behind your competition when they are fulfilling the customer’s requirement.
  • 5. Generate Additional Revenue:
    Any company or brand that wants to boost their conversion rates can easily take advantage of the mobile application. Mobile apps are a splendid medium for pushing users more towards the buying of the products and increase the chances of conversions from them repeatedly. Besides you can easily produce more revenue by advertising your app and from app downloads if your app has paid services.

Final Thoughts

So many companies have a concern that developing a mobile app would be costly. But we at iGlobe Solutions create unique and innovative applications for your brand that would be affordable. An app is important for engagement with the customer and provides them with personalized experiences. So what are you waiting for? Develop your brand’s mobile app and get more revenue proficiently.