Sep 07, 2020

Betting apps for sports are the most profitable idea for the businesses in recent times. In the world economy, sports betting apps are hailed as the industry of the future. At Iglobe Solutions, we offer betting apps with great user interface and purposeful design for sports like Cricket Betting Apps, Soccer Betting App, Bull-Riding Betting App, and Horse Racing Betting Apps, etc.


Fantasy Sports App Features

  1. Live Scores - Sports betting app has the live scores and broadcast streaming of matches for the users to place their bets effectively.
  2. Enhanced Security - Users can place bets on the sports betting app as the money transactions made here are secure from frauds.
  3. Easy Betting - Access to the sports betting app is easier with just a few taps on the handle hand wireless device screen of the user.
  4. Various Bets - There are multiple options to place the bet on a sports betting app for users to take up any option to put their preferred bet.
  5. Upcoming Schedule - Upcoming schedule of matches can be accessed on the sports betting app by enabling push notifications by the user.
  6. Live Event Scheduling - The live event scheduling on the sports betting app helps the user to know if it is right to place a bet on a particular match.


Fantasy Sports App Panel

  1. User Panel - User panel of the sports betting apps has all the necessary features for the user the effective platform to place bets on all types of sports. Some of the major features on the user panel are as under:


  • User Account
  • Live Feeds
  • Betting Tips
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Real/Virtual Payment System
  • Live Scores
  • In-App Purchases
  • Easy Navigation
  1. Admin Panel - An admin has to manage all the details of the registered users on the sports betting app platform like bets, profits, losses, and other activities. The features of the admin panel are mentioned in brief below:
  • Dashboard
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Management
  • Game Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Live Feed Management
  • Bookie Management
  • Risk Management


  1. Bookie Panel - A bookies has to manage the bets placed by the users in a responsible manner because they have to pick the odds of the game with regards to winning or losing. Following are the features for the bookie panel available on the sports betting apps:


  • Live Feed
  • Send Betting Tips
  • Change Availability
  • Customer Support
  • Odds from major bookies
  • Bookmaker Accounts
  • Calendars, days & schedules
  • Live Feed


What Do You Get?

  1. Common Features
  • Cricket Betting App - One of the most sought-after sports in the world is cricket with over 2 billion fans. To bet on all the cricket tournaments, a user has to access the cricket betting app to place their bet.
  • Horse Racing Betting App - Horse racing is a famous sport among the royal people as it is played for hundreds of years. Make lots of profits on the horse racing betting app while placing your bet.
  • Soccer Betting App - Soccer also known as football and it is the most popular sport in the world. Users can connect with lots of other soccer fans and earn consistent betting success with the soccer betting app.
  • Head To Head - The most common way to bet on sports is head to head competition. Users can place a bet on the final outcome of a sports match whether it is a win, lose, tie, or draw to attain profits on betting.
  • Handicaps - Handicaps are one of the most popular ways to bet in the United States of America. The people in this country really like to bet on traditional sports using the handicaps betting option.
  • Singles - There is a low level of risk attached to the single bets in comparison to other bets as the stake costs only a single unit. Calculating the profits made on bets is also easier with the single bets.
  • Each Way - Each way is a very highly used form of betting among the users. Betting terms and conditions are pre-determined so the winners get the payout on the fraction of winning odds basis.
  • Multiples - In the multiple bet option, every wager has more than one selection involved. Potential return on the bet increases manifold times although the chances of wager getting the win decrease a bit.
  1. Advanced Features
  • Multi Language - Sports betting app has multiple languages for the users to pick their preferred language. They can also switch languages in the app by tapping once on the RTL language changing option.
  • Payments - There are in-built payment methods integrated with the sports betting app. The eWallet, debit/credit card, net banking and many more options are available for the user to make betting transactions.
  • Back End Connections - Users get full control over their sports betting app with the powerful and safe back end connection. Keep a watch on all the activities on this app with the options available on the app panel.
  • Betting Tips - Sports betting app has a tips section very helpful especially for the new users to learn how to bet. They can also use the FAQ and support system to allow the new user to place the bet effectively.
  • Correct Odds - Access to correct odds for the game gives the user the option to make a better decision while placing a bet. Sports betting app has the correct odds related to the win, lose, tie, or draw on sports matches.
  • Betting Offers - Betting offers are displayed on a daily basis on the home screen of the sports betting app for the customers. It increases the people engagement on the app which brings in more users.
  • Community - Sports betting app has the community feature where all the queries for the user are answered. There are latest updates related to the sports betting that are prominently displayed in the community feature too.
  • Offline Connection - A user can access the functions of the sports betting app with the offline mode and thereafter place bets. It helps the user if they have slow internet connection at a particular time.

How Fantasy Sports App Work?

  1. User sign up with Essential Details
  2. Log-in with Email ID and Password
  3. Browse the Country.
  4. Select the Team.
  5. Select Player
  6. Bet a Player
  7. Pay Bet Amount
  8. If You Won (Earn Money)
  9. If You Lose (Lose Money)