Sep 07, 2020

Food ordering apps are driving the urban population to make online food purchases as increasing no. of restaurants provide their food services with great deals and offers. Iglobe Solutions has the team of IT experts that develop the comprehensive food ordering app so that your business can cater to more customers as per their preferences.

Food Ordering App Features

  1. Top class interface experience - The customized and efficient food ordering app interface gives the user to have a great in-app experience in placing a food order.
  2. Operational access - Food ordering app has the sign-in, profiles, and verification of phone number & email of the users as part of the operational access to the users.
  3. Security checks and balances - There are certain security checks and balances being put in the food ordering app for safeguarding the user data completely.
  4. Server Backup - The users can get full control of their data on the food ordering app with the automatic server backup as they log into the app after taking this option.

Food Ordering App Panel

  1. Customer Panel - Food ordering app has the customer panel consisting of features so that placing the food order from their favorite restaurant is just a few taps away. The features available on the customer panel are mentioned below:
  • Customer Registration
  • Select Restaurant
  • Check Offers & Discount
  • Place an Order
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Takeaway Option
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Re-Ordering
  • Tracking the Order
  • Manage Profile
  • Ratings & Feedback
  • Help & Support

2.    Driver Panel - For a driver, it is very important to take care and manage multiple food orders at a time to make sure that the food order reaches safely and on time. Some of the features on the food ordering app for driver panel are as under:

  • Driver Registration
  • Take the Orders
  • Manage the Multiple Food Orders
  • View the Delivery Route
  • Select the Preferred Route
  • Receive Push Notifications
  • Stay Connected with Customer & Vendor
  • Make the Delivery Confirmation
  • Receive Cash on Food Orders
  • Check Ratings & Feedback

3.    Vendor Panel - Vendors take up the food ordering app service to structure and maintain the information of food ordering online to promote and spread their business with the use of the vendor panel. Efficient set of vendor panel features are as follows:

  • Vendor Registration
  • Business Information Management
  • Get Food Order Alerts
  • Accept or Reject Orders
  • Manage the Order Generation
  • Payment Tracking
  • Customer Details
  • Reply to Customer
  • Promos for Food Ordering
  • Help & Support

4.    Admin Panel - Managing the business operations on the food ordering app like restaurants, customers, food menu and orders, offers and discounts, handling payments, and making reports. Following are the vendor panel features listed below:

  • Order Tracking
  • Restaurant Management
  • Categorize Restaurants
  • Manage Menus
  • Handling Customers
  • Offers & Discounts Managing
  • Payment & Commissions
  • Collect Feedback
  • Push Notifications
  • Reports

What Do You Get?

  1. Common Features
  • Panel types - Panels types are available in the food ordering app for the customers, drivers, vendors, and admin to use this app effectively.
  • Search option - Customers can select their favorite food from the top restaurants with the use of the search option in the food ordering app.
  • List filtering - Top class restaurants are listed on the food ordering app from where the customers can order food and get it at home or anywhere.
  • Order menu - On this food ordering app, customers can check the order menu of restaurants and then order their favorite food from a restaurant.
  • Offers and discounts - The offers, rewards, offers, discounts and deals are provided on the food ordering app to attract more customers to order food.
  • Multiple payment options - Some of the payment options on the food ordering app are cash on delivery, net banking, debit/credit card payment.
  • Delivery alternatives - As per their discretion and level of comfort, the customer can select the location and time of the delivery on the food ordering app.


        2. Advanced Features


  • Notifications of ordering status - On the food ordering app, the notifications allow the customer to check if their food order is confirmed or not.
  • Track the order - The exact place where the food order is located at a particular time can be tracked by the customer on the food ordering app.
  • Order history - A separate section of the order history is available on the food ordering app for the customers to see the past food orders.
  • Location tracking - The food ordering app has the location tracking system that gives the idea to the customers about the delivery time of food.
  • Barcode scanning - Barcode scanning on the food ordering app has the details about the prices, discounts, quality, and ingredients for food ordering.
  • Referral system - Cash back and other great rewards are available on the food ordering app with the referral system for the customers.
  • Review & ratings - Customers can give their honest review about the food order and thereafter rate the services on the food ordering app.

How Grocery Delivery App Works?

  1. User sign up with Essential Details
  2. Log-in with Email ID and Password
  3. Browse for the Restaurant
  4. Place the Food Order
  5. Add the Delivery Address
  6. Order confirmation by Customer with Online Payment
  7. Admin receives and forwards the Order Request
  8. Vendor accepts or rejects the Order
  9. Order collected by the Driver

 Driver delivers the Food Order to the Customer