Oct 06, 2021

If you run an online eCommerce business, you know how different digital marketing has been this year compared to previous years. And how it will most likely be for the foreseeable future! With brick-and-mortar locations closing and customers less likely to venture outside, retailers across many industries saw huge increases in sales and revenue. How can you ensure your business continues to thrive after COVID? Now that stores are reopening and customers are shopping in person again.


With COVID-19 vaccines reaching communities worldwide, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel following one of the most singularly disruptive events in recent memory. Companies have already begun developing post-pandemic eCommerce business strategy ideas. Which is one of the clearest signs yet that life may be returning to some semblance of normalcy.


But if there is one thing we can take away from this period. It is that the pandemic's effects were unevenly distributed across the country and industries. Businesses that are native to eCommerce or have robust omnichannel services contributed to a massive increase in online sales growth in 2021, up 32.4 percent from 2020.


Whether or not this directly benefited your company, it is critical to plan for life after the pandemic eCommerce boom. As companies place their post-pandemic bets. Here are the best post-pandemic eCommerce business strategy ideas to keep your company on top:

Ensure Your Business’s Online Presence can Scale for Increased Traffic

Pre-pandemic levels of in-store retail are unlikely to return anytime soon. However, the world is now returning to normalcy. It is unclear how much of an impact this will have on the economy. But you should expect increased traffic to your website.


To prepare, ensure that your fulfillment capabilities are ready to expand. Small businesses will be disproportionately impacted by the post-pandemic economic recovery, and they must prepare their digital channels to appeal to modern consumers. Implementing marketing techniques such as mobile shopping apps and chatbots can assist eCommerce businesses in staying ahead of the competition.

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Instead of a patchwork of digital features, the goal should be to create an immersive digital experience for your customers.

Optimize Your Website With SEO

If more people are using your web-based services, it's time to reconsider your eCommerce website's SEO rankings. Both new and established brands have shifted to direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment, which has significantly crowded markets. Prioritize keywords and SEO-friendly content on your website to differentiate yourself and appear first in search results, and watch the traffic flow in.


Consider hosting content that demonstrates to consumers that your brand understands what they've been through in the last year. In 2020, empathy for the plight of ordinary people became one of the most important values a brand could promote. This trend is expected to continue through the end of the year and beyond.

Learn From Pandemic Pain Points

We are entering a period of recovery and recuperation, but the lessons learned during the pandemic should not be forgotten. If your company was unable to capitalize on the increased online traffic that aided eCommerce, it is time to confront the reasons why. As businesses across the country shifted to digital services, consumers enjoyed the unprecedented variety in their online shopping experiences.


If some customers were dissatisfied with your online experience, it's time to listen to them and ensure you're better prepared for future crises. Nobody wants to think about the next pandemic, but establishing your business now could pay huge dividends later.

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Focus on Long-Term Strategy

Everyone has an opinion on what the next step should be for the economy. Best Buy is betting that eCommerce sales will continue to eat into market share, so it is converting more of its store fleet to fulfillment centers.


Whatever your prediction, make sure it is based on consumer insights and a thorough understanding of post-pandemic trends as they emerge. As COVID-19 ravaged the country, it was nearly impossible to formulate a long-term strategy — but now you have a chance to set yourself up for success with a solid post-pandemic eCommerce strategy.

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Utilize Your Data


If you've used a service like Google Analytics, you've gathered valuable information about your transactions and website visitors. Assume you discovered that during the height of pandemic shopping, 85 percent of your visitors were women. Even if the numbers after COVID become more sporadic and sparse, having this kind of knowledge can have a significant impact on how you create campaigns and make decisions about your digital marketing.


If you used Google Ads to collect this data, you can see more information about your users under the “Audience Insights” tab. Even better, you can use this information in the future by applying these audiences to your campaigns. Transitioning from the COVID sales to what we're used to is still dependent on having high-quality insights into your top-performing audiences.


Communicate With Your Customers


If you also provide in-person services or products, now is the time to notify your customers that you are back in business and ready to open. If you are familiar with digital marketing and advertise on Google, you might consider running a display campaign that targets previous buyers and visitors with a graphic that specifically informs users that you are open again. You may also want to run a campaign aimed at local users.


Performance Analysis


If you compare performance year over year, you're bound to be disappointed. During this time, retailers in almost every industry saw massively inflated ROAS. As a result, replicating that same performance is simply not possible. Instead, seek consistency in the future. With so much uncertainty, it's critical to manage expectations and understand the market as it stands right now. Many businesses will choose to be concerned about matching past performance. However, if your company can concentrate on what it needs to do in the future, it will be in a much better position to succeed.

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Another factor that distinguishes the post-pandemic eCommerce world is what we do to compete. Some retailers will exit the market, while others will enter. In any case, offering new promotions is critical for differentiating your business.


Post Script


Overall, the pandemic has forever altered eCommerce. However, there are numerous excellent things you can do to remain competitive and succeed. You will have much happier customers if you focus on your customers and their experience on your website. Furthermore, by maximizing your digital marketing and SEO efforts, you can reach a large number of new users. As always, iGlobe Solutions, the best digital marketing company in Jaipur stands ready to assist your business growth. Check out what marketing services we can provide for you!