Sep 07, 2020

iPhone app is a software application designed to run on Apple’s iOS operating system powering devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch, etc. iOS is the second most used mobile software in the world after Android. Over 700 million people use the iPhone in the world and it's an astounding figure considering that iPhones are very expensive to buy. There are at least 2.2 million iPhone apps on the iOS App Store collectively downloaded for a mind-blowing 130 billion times. On average, there are 2,500 apps released on the iOS App Store daily.

The latest version iOS 13 was released on 19th September 2019 with certain changes in the user interface, the introduction of dark mode, swipe keyboard, a redesigned reminders app, and an enhanced photos app. It doesn’t support the iPhone app devices that have less than 2 GB RAM like iPhone 6 Plus or below, as well as iPod Touch 6th generation or below.

Having a user-friendly app for a web browser or a mobile device is a key component for reaching global audiences for businesses. Apple Inc. is one such platform that allows all the developers to create their personal or company-based app software for the users to download on iOS App Store while providing them SDK with sample code projects to help kick-start their iPhone app development. Revenue of the iPhone app is shared between Apple Inc. and the developer/company at 30% and 70% respectively.

Why choose iPhone App Development Services?

An engaging iPhone app with all the top-quality features is an essential requirement for the sustainable growth of the business as it connects your enterprise with millions of people at once. At Iglobe Solutions, we have a technical team of experts that efficiently performs all the tasks of iPhone app development to meet all the demands of the business. With these services at our IT Company, a business can have a top-quality iPhone app for mobile and web browsers that attract more customers as well as retain their loyal base to ensure that the business grows and expands on a daily basis while thwarting off the ever-growing competition.

Types of iPhone App Development

At Iglobe Solutions, you can get the different types of iPhone app development that are based on the requirements of your business to achieve all the set goals and objectives to propel the business operations to greater heights of success. Some of the types of iPhone app development services are as under:-

  • Custom iPhone App Development - Customization is all about creating an iPhone app that is based on customer specifications and business requirements. We take up the ideas of the owners to develop an iPhone app for the iOS operating system that is laced with top features of a business.
  • Native iPhone App Development - A native app is a platform-specific app that runs on the app stores whether iOS or Android. We develop a native iPhone app for the iOS App Store that runs smoothly on all types of devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch, etc, while having access to device camera and microphone by default.
  • Web iPhone App Development - Web iPhone apps are only accessible on the web browser of the iPhone. It is client-server software that is developed for a conventional website as well as the single-page application viewable on a laptop or PC while offering the user the option of working either online or offline.
  • Hybrid iPhone App Development - Hybrid apps are a combination of web apps as well as native apps for iOS and Android. The hybrid iPhone app is portable and easy to create for a developer in comparison to other types of business apps, so it is very widely used by the business organization to portray their business to the customers.

Benefits of iPhone App Development

There are a lot of benefits for a business in the iPhone app development like a scalable user interface for the customers with enhanced app experience in a secure manner. With that, the customers can conduct safer transactions for availing the products and services from the business which improves the brand value of the business while bringing in a higher return on investment. Some of the most sought after benefits of iPhone Development are listed below in more detail:-

  • Enhanced app user experience - iOS App Store has certain checks and mechanisms that are implemented stringently with regards to iPhone app development. For that reason, only the high standard iPhone apps having a comprehensive user interface, better user experience, top-quality features, and optimum performance are to be uploaded on the iOS App Store after being approved by Apple Inc. Hence iPhone app development benefits the business to attract prospective customers while retaining the current customers.
  • Better branding of the business - An iPhone app is a very important part for any business to increase the visibility of their products and services online to a new set of customers. Developing the iPhone app allows the business to achieve the value proposition in terms of products and services to make the business brand flourish. A top business brand has a higher chance of converting potential customers into a loyal user of the products and services.
  • Safe and secure transactions - For any business, it is essential to provide the best security to the customers while they use their iPhone app for products and services. iPhone app development is based on the secure platform of Apple Inc., so there is a security layer of data encryption that allows the transactions to be conducted safely and securely. The iOS app store also prevents the hacking, phishing of customer data on their platform and simultaneously gives a top-class experience of availing business products and services.
  • Higher return on investment - Apple Inc.'s revenue-sharing model for its apps is much more profitable for the businesses in comparison to the Android apps. So for any business looking to grow and expand its business, they must use the iPhone app development services to create their apps on the iOS App Store. A higher return on investment is achieved by the business with the iPhone app development for the products and services through in-app purchases and other monetization techniques.
  • Advantages from Apple Inc. brand image - Apple Inc. is the largest technology company in the world in terms of revenue alongside being the most valuable company in the world. The users of the iPhone know that every app in the iOS App Store is fully tested and configured with the latest technology, that’s why the business having an app on this platform is worth great value for both customers and business. iPhone app is advantageous for the business as it promotes the products and services to the customers in the best way possible.

The benefits of iPhone development are of the utmost importance to products and services for business. E-Commerce is one such platform where buying or selling the products for the business happens. To broaden the scope of providing E-Commerce products and services of the business, iPhone app development is a must. It allows the business to attract a new set of customers for buying or selling their products and services on the E-Commerce platform. A customized E-Commerce app on iOS App Store is the key element for the growth and sustainability of the business not only in the short term but for a long time. It helps the business to promote its products and services to potential customers for converting them into loyal customers in times to come.

With that being said, we at Iglobe Solutions provide the iPhone app development to the clients as per their customized choices to propel their business operations to greater heights of success. Our expert IT team develops the iPhone app for the iOS App Store like custom, native, web and hybrid form. Apple Inc. provides the platform to the developers to create iPhone apps in collaborations with the business to help them in improving their growth and thereafter attaining sustainable development. An iPhone app of a business has the top-notch user interface and high-class user experience that allows the products and services to be promoted to the customers in the best way possible. That’s why Iglobe Solutions are proud to say that our iPhone app development services benefit the businesses in terms of providing the products and services to the customers in an efficient manner.