Nov 21, 2020

Social media optimization (SMO) is known as a process that involves creating or increasing awareness about a product, service, brand, or event for its publicity with the use of the outlets and communities in the online world. It refers to the optimization of a website and its content either with the use of the software tools for automating the process or employing the experts who undertake this process manually. SMO plays a massive part in implementing search engine optimization (SMO) and online reputation management (ORM) in particular.

This term was first used by Rohit Bhargava in his article 5 rules of social media optimization that focused on driving the traffic of social media bookmarking sites and social networks to a website. Although this has changed quite a lot over the years with the SMO involving a wide range of other service options. Now, it is about creating innovative online content, using top-quality photos, songs, and videos to encourage people to use a website for sharing content with a weblink to other social media friends on the internet.

Many types of social media platforms are used to do SMO on a broad scale. It includes the RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, video and blog sharing websites, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn,  WhatsApp, Quora, YouTube, and TikTok, etc. The scope of SMO is so massive with nearly half the world population amounting to 3.8 billion and counting are online. Some of the common examples of SMO is engagement on social media in terms of the likes, comments, sharing, and embedding of a post on any platform. 

The importance of SMO has gone up several notches in recent times with the unprecedented growth of the social media platforms as well as the relative impact of it on the other services that an IT company provides to its clients. It is also connected to the technique of Viral Seeding in which the word of mouth is created with the use of social networking options. Improving the SMO is a very essential need in this day and age for any individual or organization as it leads to expanding the scope of business quite exponentially. Reputation, engagement, authority, and leadership are the key aspects of getting the best out of SMO services for a company for a consistently long while.

Types of SMO Services 

● Management of social media - Experts provide management services for the social media of an individual or organization. It is about keeping the profile active while posting content, photos, videos, and songs, etc, to bring more brand awareness to the business.

● Organizing contests - Contests are all about promoting the products and services of the business with certain prizes for the winners. Organizing these contests helps a company in creating much needed online visibility and expanding the customer database on a large scale.

● Threads of discussions - Discussion about the business on different social media platforms as a part of SMO services. Participation in these threads is about creating more presence and involvement for the company to make customers do marketing for the brand on their own. 

● Forum Marketing - Forums are the platforms on social media all about the community of people analyzing the companies. Marketing the company in there relevant to the industry or the niche tends to be a great stepping stone for maximizing the business growth potential.

● Reviews of products and services - As the customers are more active on social media, they tend to check out the business reviews posted online. This allows us to build up the confidence of the customer to avail the products and services of the company at the earliest. 

● Paid advertisement - As per the requirements of the business goals and targets, the paid advertising campaigns for the products and services are run on social media. It is essential for more lead generation and customer conversions for the company for its maximum benefits.

● Blog promotions - Creating enterprising content on a blog is a key part of SMO services provided to a company. Promoting the products and services of a business with blog promotions on social media is a process that leads to increased knowledge about it among the customers.

In all, social media optimization (SMO) is a great option for an individual or organization to get more brand awareness, increase online visibility, optimize the website comprehensively, and promote the products and services of the business online. For that reason, it is a must for any company to avail the SMO services to ensure that their business doesn’t stay behind in terms of reaping the great benefits of the online world. iGlobe Solutions provides an exclusive range of SMO services to all types of businesses with an expert team working round the clock. With the use of our SMO processes, your company can have all the benefits that social media has to offer in terms of attaining more revenue for the business by providing your products and services to the customers on a large scale.