Feb 10, 2022

Google updates its algorithm  every alternate day,  just to make our website surfing experience better than before. In June 2021, the new Google algorithm updates came up on the page-experience that focused on placing quality content pages on the top of the index search. This brings the quality to the search and gives you a more relatable answer.

So let's have a look at the latest update on google and learn to what extent it is beneficial for us.


What is a page experience update ?

Google has rolled out a change and update on the broad core algorithm that makes the page experience far better than before. The reason behind launching this update is to improve the page experience by prioritizing the quality pages on the top.

If we talk about the page experience then it can be simply summarised as the set of signals that helps Google to measure the user experience, total time spent, perceiving factor and inclusion of quality content.


Core Web vitals in page experience

This page's experience basically works upon the core web vitals, which is a set of matrices which uses real time user experience for loading or bringing interaction, quality and performance via visual stability of the page.

When it comes to the Google algorithm, the core  web vitals are divided into three major components : LCP, FID and CLS to monitor and modify the page working with the user's suitability.


LCP (Largest contentful paint )

lCP is the very first metric that measures the visual part of the load  time of a page and how the user or customer persona perceives the initial load of the website and what is their respective response.

Although we can say that the LCP works upon the calculation for the overall time, a larger block is used to visualize the content.


FID (First Input delay)

After the LCP, we have the very second metric that is FID which helps in detecting and measuring the overall time which a website takes to become responsive and recognizable.

Although when you click on a page or website and it takes time to respond then we can say that this page has a slow FID that makes it less responsive.


CLS (Cumulative layout Shift)

The last or final metric of core web vitals is the CLS that measures the page stability.

This is majorly seen when we intended to read an article on news on the website and the page loaded suddenly and returned to the home page and you have to find it again.

Latest update in CLS helps you in finding the best searching method that makes your search stay on the search page or makes the website  easy to access. Therefore, the Google updates make the CLS work for the positive impact and collection of right data according to the search methods.


What is the impact of a page experience update?

Google's latest update on the page experience is effective for digital marketing and business profit in a positive way. From improving sales to generating a good amount of revenue, everything is becoming easy.

So let's have a look at the impact of page experience update on search engine optimization,  overall sale conversion and revenue generation.


Impact  on SEO

With the updating and improvement  of page experience features, Search engine optimization is taking advantage of it because it makes the ranking factor lightweight and easily  crawlable. It improves the overall page performance that makes the user stay on the page for a longer  time and makes the quality content more recognizable by the user and improves the page ranking.

The better UI and UX, increase the  engagement of the customer and upbringing the page speed that  improves  the overall page surfing and page performance.


Impact on conversion and revenue

The second major impact that makes the page experience algorithm more adaptable is higher conversion rate and revenue generation. Although it happens because whenever we search a particular product  on the website and click on the given link, if the link loads within less than 0.2 seconds then there is a 3X chance to get the higher conversion rate for product sale which is needed. 


To sum up

Google updates majorly works upon the betterment of the business and customer persona so they took the advantage of the latest technologies in a more accessible way. Although it saves your time and makes the work more easy and convenient.