Sep 18, 2020

The most significant part of a website or application is its design. But some of the businessmen are unsure whether they should implement responsive design on their website or not due to the lack of knowledge about what it can do for their online reputation. And that’s why we at iGlobe Solution help our clients with every detail and Responsive Web Design Services.

What Do We Mean by Responsive Web Design?

Let us tell you what responsive design actually means. Responsive design refers to the way of arranging all the content of your website in such a way that it automatically adjusts itself according to the size of a screen (desktop, tablet, or mobile)  it’s being viewed on. It also prevents the images or videos to get larger on the screen and avoid any messy look of it in front of your users or visitors.

We can say that the major role of the responsive design is to prevent any unnecessary scrolling, resizing, panning, or zooming that happens with those sites that are not optimized to be used on different devices. Keeping a site that is not responsive can lead to the loss of potential customers as they might get frustrated by figuring out how to navigate the site properly.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With a Responsive website, you can easily get rid of the double charges that you were going to pay for a dedicated mobile site and a desktop site. So now we can create a website that easily gets as per the screen size on which it is being viewed.

It’s important to create a website that can be viewed from any device because you never know on which screen your visitor will be checking your site. According to stats of Responsive Design, it’s a good sign if your website is for both mobile and desktop at the same time as there are more mobile viewers nowadays than it is on desktop and this will increase more because of the access to smartphones everywhere.

Besides these facts, Google has also announced that if your website is mobile-friendly then it would help you in high ranking in its algorithm of search engine which also means that if your website is not mobile-friendly then it would be considered as a site with a low-quality user experience which would lead to down-ranking of your website in the search engine.

Let’s tell you what are the benefits of a responsive website in a brief version:

  1. Flexibility: Flexibility is the main advantage of having a responsive site as you can easily and swiftly make changes in it whether it’s a typo or design fix.
  2. Improved User Experience: We understand that the user experience is an essential part of the website as it attracts more visitors and increases your profit limit.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Maintaining two websites one for mobile and one for desktop can be expensive. However, with a responsive design,  you only need to invest in a single site that will work on each and every device and eliminate the extra charges of dual websites.
  4. Gains in SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is utilized by various businesses to skyrocket their websites in the search engine’s ranking because if you are at the top of the search engine then there is a high chance of acquiring new customers. And as mentioned by Google, the responsive design of a website is one of the key factors to reach the top ranks.
  5. Easy Management: It’s quite impossible to regularly change details or edit the appearance of the website in a non-responsive design. But if you have a responsive website you can easily edit the smallest to largest details in your site with just a few clicks and is a lot easier to manage and handle.

Is Responsive Web Design Over-rated?

If you are thinking that responsive design is quite overrated, then we are sorry to say but you are wrong. It is the best approach to reach your target audience and gain more profit. You would have seen so many sites that have numerous visitors due to the ease of use and navigations with a responsive design. If you are still not ready to go for the responsive design then let the time savings and cost reduction convince you.

What is the Concept of Responsive Web Design

In today’s time, it is compulsory that your website looks and feels great not only on the desktop but also on mobile, tablets, and iPhones. The concept of responsive web design is to develop, maintain, and have only one site that has different elements that work differently depending upon the devices it is being viewed on.

We know previously when there were few websites they were all static and because of this fact the site used to look okay in the desktop but at the time you will open it from your phone or any other device all the elements of the site would get distorted that caused a lot of problems to the users or visitors. Because of all these reasons, it was announced by google that the site must be responsive and as per the user’s requirement only then it will rank on the top of its search engine.

How Responsive Web Design Work?

Responsive Websites uses fluid grids where all the pages are designed as per the proportion instead of the pixel size i.e. while designing a site you will not put the information on the size of the elements but will align it depending on the relation with each other. That also means if there are 4 columns in the site then they will adjust themselves according to the designated symmetry they are allowed to occupy space on the page as per the device it is being seen on.


Responsive Web Design is an essential factor in the ranking of your business in the search engine. If your website is not responsive then whatever you do with the SEO of your website it will not rank on the top page of the Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search Engine Result Page. If you too want a website that is responsive regardless of the device it is being viewed on, then we at iGlobe Solution have got your back. For Responsive Design Services that are according to your requirements and focused on customer’s needs, get in touch with iGlobe Solution’s experienced professionals, and have your own responsive website ASAP!