May 25, 2022

The next wave of digital marketing transformation is almost here. We, iGlobe solutions are looking forward to the same intending to make your business, a brand identity. Although we make your business future-ready to grasp the better opportunity which is Indeed.

Welcome to the iGlobe solution, with the major pillars of search engine optimization( Keyword analysis, Backlink building, and Content creation) everything is just one step closer. Live a revolutionary life with technological advancement here.

A short overview of SEO fundamentals

In simple terms, SEO stands for Search engine optimization. A good SEO can improvise your brand's online presence and generate more organic user traffic. Let's have a look at why SEO is important for every business persona. The foremost work of SEO is to bring qualitative traffic to your website which means chances are there to get the sale conversion and purchase on your product and services.

On average, in the google search index, only 10 spots are there where customers look for their results. Although as per the research, no customer wants to move forwards to the 5 or 20 th page for their search result, they think the first two are enough to give you the right result. Hence that is what makes SEO an important factor for any business.

Three elements of SEO Framework

As the information collected by the above discussion, in the iGlobe solution SEO thereby revolves around the three major elements that are keyword analysis, backlink building, and content creation.

Keyword analysis

Keywords are the major traffic holder in SEO that's why a business needs it. Keywords are specific words and phrases that customer persona use frequently to search on google and it differs from business to business with the search volume. This what done by the SEO experts who analyze keywords thoroughly and selected them for the specific content. This is further deployed by the content writer in the blogs, website content, articles, and category content with a density of 2% to 3%.  It is important to analyze and use keywords in the writing so whenever a user searches for a specific keyword then there would be a chance of getting searched for your content. Hence it is very important to note that the content must contain the right keywords and it must be of high quality which leads it to the top of the search index.

Backlinks building

In simple terms, backlinks are elements on your website which is thereby connected to high quality and credible websites. This is executed with the intention of improving the credibility of your website with the right citing of links with the correct and expertise source. Apart from that, trendy and current events link directly to their source destination have the power to increase their credibility much faster.

In the iGlobe solution, we focus on a strategic approach to backlink building in order to make sure that our content doesn't get lost in midst of other sources. We make sure that every content is plagiarism-free although it can create problems that you are not allowed to present other content as yours. For sure, backlink building can improve the quality of SEO but must be done very ethically and carefully.

Content creation

Content is something that’s the major element the SEO. We believe in delivering high-quality content in order to communicate to existing or new customers. Content is the place where our keywords get credibility, loyalty, authority, consistency, and improved engagement factors Having strong and high-quality content on the website can balance the human's methodology and data-driven analytics which is an important element of optimizing the digital presence.

In iGlobe solutions, we deliver effective content services for a better SEO approach that is as follows, such as Blogs, Videos, Webpage text, Social media posts infographics, Newsletters, and Podcasts. Here content drives the fruitful Seo strategy to the customer where we can make sure that what our customer exact wants and what we have to offer.


Having a strong SEO approach and grip in the corner of digital marketing is one of the success factors behind the business's success. if you have any queries or you're are intending to opt for the SEO services for your business, then you can contact us today at