Aug 13, 2021

Settling on a server rental can without much of a stretch be the main piece of technology any business may have to obtain for short-term rental. For their overall value as well as for their vital role in business activities, for example, data center relocation, application testing, or basically added pull to increase your current infrastructure for a short-term project, for example, video rendering.


For the most part, there are three primary explanations behind organizations to get a server rental: for enormous scope centralized file storage, data sharing across a nearby network of devices, or for use as a web server for site hosting or to permit users to get to content on the web through the server straightforwardly.


We're ready to give a server to whatever the explanation you're leasing for; incorporating servers with many gigabytes (GB) of RAM, terabytes (TB) of storage in a RAID array, and multi-core Intel Xeon processors. Either rack-mounted or tower setups, we have what you need. Tell us the details you are searching for, and our group of account managers will deal with the rest.

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Renting a server from iGlobe Solutions

  • A great option for beginners and professionals alike
  • Different server types
  • High security
  • Many possible uses




File servers are critical for most organizations as they are the area where the entirety of shared company files and data are put away. At the point when you need a file server for an enormous task or for other temporary business utilizes, iGlobe Solutions can furnish you with hardware designed explicitly for your necessities and for a portion of the expense of buying one.




A database server permits you to house all database services on a committed server, which gives access and recovery of data from different programs or machines. So on the off chance that you need to briefly increase your present storage limit, or basically have a temporary requirement for storage, at that point reach one of our rental experts for your database server rental.




The requirement for a web server appears to be naturally clear whenever it is understood that a web server is a thing that permits a user to get to content on the Internet, thus its essential capacity is to serve content. A web server likewise permits one to host websites, so on the off chance that you need temporary hosting abilities, a web server rental is the best option.

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In the event that your organization needs a server or numerous servers for a forthcoming project, iGlobe Solutions can supply you with whatever short-term rental hardware you may have to make your next adventure a triumph! Call 0141-2942007 and connect with one of our hardware rental professionals, or click the get a quote button and we will attempt to discover a server rental that is ideal for you!