Sep 03, 2022

You are searching for the best website developer, and they created an excellent website for you. It looks pretty good, is user-friendly, and has a clear description of your business. But still, you are facing a problem that no one finds.

There will be different problems, but when you scroll down, it will take you to SEO(Search Engine Optimization). It is a process that optimizes the website through search engines to rank well and get organic (non-paid) traffic.

If you scour more, it will show you SMO (Social Media Optimization). It is the process of optimizing the social media platform on the website to generate more traffic. From the ’90s till today, SEO generate massive traffic on the Internet, and google changes it from time to time. Moreover, SMO was familiarised in 2006 and is entirely new for driving traffic on the website. It was emphasised when Rohit Bhargava mentioned the article on the 5 rules of Social Media Optimization.

Meanwhile, their abbreviation differs only in the middle word SEO and SMO, but they have massive differences.

Difference between SEO & SMO


The goal of SEO is to rank higher in search engines. There are various factors SEO needs in websites.


Keywords are necessary for your audience as your content is. It is the search engine that you offer to the people when they ask for it. Its main goal is to drive traffic on SERPs and paid, non-paid organic traffics. 

Meta title and Descriptions

They are an eminent opportunity to attract users to click on your site and give a wide, accurate, and compelling introduction to your pages. They are the hook for your advertisement and search engines. 

Link Building

In SEO, link building is called a backlink. The backlinks from high-quality websites help your websites to rank higher on Google or the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

User-friendly Websites 

Website development is easy, but maintaining it as user-friendly is tricky.  SEO is relevant in user-friendly website, easy to use, and generate maximum traffic in SERP.



Social Media Optimization helps in building brand awareness, new products, services, network management, and the organization's online presence.

Sharing content easily

As we all know content is ‘King’, SMO helps in developing content that reaches the audience and makes organizations as stand out brand. It also helps in adding link buttons and sharing on the website and blogs. 

Optimizing the Profile

SMO enhances the profile with text, visuals, and appealing eye-catching demographics. When you add colors on social media, the content looks glamorous and appealing to the audience. 

Loyal Followers

It collaborates your brands with influencers and makes them noticeable to the audience. Valuable content increases the Google ranks and SEO, and outbounds links help generate traffic. It improves the exposure of social media and helps in additional followers, subscribers and likes.

Depending on the business, there is a lot to take into consideration between SEO and SMO. There are agencies like iGlobe Solutions that have professionals who can manage your SEO and SMO. They will manage your social media, SEO, and SMO, update your website regularly, and ensure that your content is optimized adequately.