Oct 12, 2020

In the 21st century, the fantasy sports industry has got very famous among the fans who watch and admire their favorite sports. Some of the sports for which these apps are built are Football, Basketball, American Football, Cricket, and more. The market for fantasy sports apps has been the biggest in the United States of America with a 58% share in 2017. European Continent comes in far behind in second place with a 14% share in the same year. It is expected that the global market for fantasy sports apps is set to reach $ 26.4 billion in 2024 as per some expectations. With so much scope of growth in the market, it is rightly said that fantasy sports apps are the next big thing in the business world.

So it is important to learn about fantasy sports apps and its set of features from every aspect. Fantasy sports apps are virtual games played on the internet that provide the experience of managing the superstars who play their specific sports for real. Players in the fantasy sports world create professional teams to compete against each other. Their performances are tabulated as per the points generally. After that, the players can accumulate a certain amount of these points by playing fantasy sports to then win the cash and other prizes. They either use a mobile, PC, laptop, or a gaming console to play the fantasy sports app virtual game. On these devices, the players get to enjoy the gaming experience of a lifetime all because of the app development services in this regard.

The top Fantasy Sports Apps

The fantasy sports app world has seen lots of growth in terms of generating revenues as well as promoting the services of a brand better. Fan Engagement in the sports world is very high but the leagues, as well as its affiliates, have to be on their game with regards to giving these fans more than just the game. With that, the fans not only become the admirers of the sports but also get involved in a virtual gaming environment for the benefits of the league and affiliates as a whole. Leagues like PL, NBA, NFL, and IPL have their dedicated fantasy league apps that have allowed the fans to connect with these sports like never before.

Companies collaborating with these leagues as an affiliate to provide the fantasy sports app services have also made this business model a rousing success. 

  • FanDuel is one such fantasy sports app that provides the daily opportunity for the players to earn real cash for lots of sporting leagues. 
  • RealFevr is a fantasy sports app for football leagues in Europe that gives daily as well as weekly options to the players to achieve cash prizes. 
  • Draft Wizard is all about the players selecting mock draft teams every day of different leagues to win real cash for a consistently long time. 
  • Dream11 is a fantasy sports app in India that allows the players to predict match scores of different sports leagues for earning lots of cash. 

Features of the Fantasy Sports Apps

  • Home Screen - Home screen is the default page for the players where they get to see the match listing only after logging onto the fantasy sports app. Search filters for the matches either ongoing or upcoming, sports types, team names, and match schedule, etc.  
  • Contest - Contest has the listing of sports name, type, entry fees, total winning amount, winner criteria, and no. of teams that can join in, etc. Fantasy sports app also has the option of creating its contest for the players to enjoy virtual gaming with friends in particular.
  • Profile Dashboard - In any fantasy sports app, the players get a dashboard where they can view all the personal information that they have shared. The information like name, phone number, email id, age, account details like balance, winning amount, cash bonus, and bank withdrawals, etc.
  • Settings - The most critical aspect of any fantasy sports app is its settings in which the player can check out the essential details of the app as well as troubleshoot for problems. It contains parts like managing payments, generating reports, CMS section, and logout, etc.

Fantasy Sports App working process

A fantasy sports app allows the player to sign up with their identity details to start playing the virtual game. The working process involving the log-in happens in the app with the use of the email id and the password created while the signing up process was completed. Players play the virtual game on the user panel of the fantasy sports app of any kind. It has easy navigation that allows the user to check out their account, live feeds and scores, payment options, the legal system, push notification, and in-app purchases, etc.

There is also another part of the app without which the fantasy sports are incomplete and that is known as the admin panel. It has the working process that involves the player's dashboard, customer support, live feeds and scores, GPS location, CRM integration, and real-time analytics, etc, as well as lots of management options in terms of the game, payment, marketing, and risk, etc.


With that, the fantasy sports app is a great option for the business to invest in for the bright future. These kinds of apps must have outstanding design and architecture as well as a user-friendly interface and graphics for it to be a real success. iGlobe Solutions provide you the option of getting your fantasy sports app developed as per your customized choices. With the fantasy sports app of the highest quality built by our IT team, you can attract many sports fans to their platform for more revenue and growth of your business sustainably.