Sep 07, 2020

SEO, full form Search Engine Optimization is a process to optimize a website to increase the quantity and quality of user traffic with the organic search engine results. Optimization of the content is a critical part of SEO that leads to the content being shown on the search engine as a top result when someone types a related keyword to it. It is well-known that online experiences start on a search engine. Statistically, nearly 75% of people start their search for anything on Google. Among them, 67% of all clicks are on the first five results on a Google search. There are around 2.2 million searches on Google on any given day, but that doesn’t mean that the other search engines on the internet are any less important.

Getting to the first page of Google for a website is the most critical aspect that determines its success online. It often jokes on the web that “If you ever need to hide a dead body, you should place it on the second page of the Google search results”. With that, it is paramount that the blog post, article, product, or service of a website ranks on the first page of Google search result otherwise it is equivalent to no ranking. So website optimization with the use of SEO processes is a must to improve all its aspects for reaching new audiences for sustainable growth.

How has the evolution of SEO happened?

Search engine optimization has been in play ever since the internet went public. It has been used by individuals and organizations to get more website visitors, bring in new customers for products and/or services, spread their brand info, and attain success. Over the years, SEO was about stuffing as many keywords in content while filling pages with the backlinks. This process did work back in the day but in the current era, this will lead a website to practical obscurity on the search engine. Now the SEO has become a technical and sophisticated process in which the user behavior is analyzed to optimize the website as per their requirement.

Google has the search algorithm in place on its search engine that gives the ranking to a website. There are around 200 determining factors in that algorithm that aren’t yet made public by Google. So a website must be optimized at all times with relevant information so that it stays attuned to the demands of the Google algorithm. This helps in either keeping or improving the ranking of the website at its best level so that there are more organic search results attained. SEO is a critical aspect that helps in achieving the best ranking for a website for a consistently long time

Types of SEO

There are two main categories of search engine optimization, one is the on-page and the other one is the off-page. Both aspects of SEO are essential in getting success for an individual or an organization on their particular website but they are vastly different from each other in so many ways. On-page SEO is about optimizing the parts of the website that are in the control of an individual or an organization. Meanwhile, the off-page SEO is based on increasing your website domain authority with the content creation as well as getting lots of quality backlinks from other websites.

In the on-page SEO, the expert creates the title tags, social tags, keywords, headings, URL structure, alt text for images, and applies the useful content. They minimize the HTTP requests, enable zip compression, use images less than 100 kb, bring server response down to <200ms, placing CSS in external style sheets, and do the internal linking. As part of the off-page SEO, the expert focuses on awesome content creation useful to the people and sharing enterprising social media content to get links. They work on getting the outreach from the influencers via e-mail and doing guest blogging on the other websites with backlinks to their own website. So the on-page SEO is connected to what the website is really about and the off-page SEO is related to the popularity and authoritativeness of the website.


SEO is a quintessential need for an individual or an organization to have its website optimized for better ranking on search engines like Google. An SEO expert performs lots of tasks as part of the on-page and off-page optimization process of the website to ensure that all aspects of the website are working qualitatively. iGlobe Solutions has the IT team with the SEO experts that give you the SEO Service for your website so that all of its aspects are improved manifold times. It leads to your website getting the highest ranking on the Google search engine. With that, your business can get more website traffic, higher no. of buyers for product and/or service, have more brand awareness, and earn a lot of revenue for a consistently long time.