Sep 29, 2020

SMM, known as Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing in which social media platforms are used to get the website traffic for the products or services or both. SMM is an ever-continuing process wherein the interesting and engaging content is shared on social media to get the attention of the audience. Format of the content shared on the social media platforms can be in text, graphics, videos, news feeds, GIFs, direct messages, group chats, and more. Social media is a great place to promote and advertise the products, services, events, and brand of a business. It is used by businesses to have direct contact with their customers, know about their specific needs, execute the marketing strategy, and generate more brand awareness, etc.

Evolution of SMM

The evolution of social media into one of the major requirements of individuals and businesses has been very quick. Nobody imagined a decade or so back that the communication for people with one another will become fast and a real-time thing. Social media allows everyone to connect within a fraction of a second. It gives the opportunity for people to share their opinion with everyone online. Posting live updates, experiences, stories, moments, or more on social media platforms has become an essential part of the daily lives of people. There are currently over 4.1 billion users of the internet and over 3.1 billion social media users showing the importance of social media in terms of performing SMM. Reach of social media platforms is global so the SMM is a must in the current times for a business to generate leads and convert them for optimum success.

Components of SMM

The key component of SMM is the social media optimization (SMO) process. SMO is a strategy used to bring in new and unique visitors to the company. It can happen by adding links of the social media to the content by using the RSS feeds, sharing buttons, and bookmarking sites, etc. With that, staying active on social media by posting blogs, updating statuses, and making the posts, etc, also plays an important part. Just like search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical part in website optimization, the SMO is essential for marketing social media content. These processes make the SMM a very beneficial option for a business to use social media platforms effectively.

Top social media platforms for SMM

SMM is all about having a social media presence among the target audience for getting more visitors on the website for lead generation and subsequent conversions. The thorough implementation of the SMM processes leads to the optimum use of all the social media platforms for the promotion of the products and services of the business. Some of the top social media platforms for SMM are as under:


  • Facebook - Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with over 2.6 billion active users on it. This platform can be used to get in touch with customers by sharing content, graphics, videos, a news feed, email notification, and posting as a page, etc.
  • Instagram - Instagram has over 1 billion active users that share the images and videos on the feed with certain filters available on it. Posting and creating stories with hashtags is the optimum way to connect with the customers on this social media platform.
  • Twitter - Twitter is based on sharing post content with images and videos playing a secondary role in communication for over 330 million active users. Linking up the blog content and PDF files is the best way to use this social media platform to get more customer conversions.
  • YouTube - YouTube is a very unique social media platform based on video sharing for branding the business effectively. With over 1 billion active users, the use of the subscription feed, analytics, audience retention, playback locations is key to letting know about features of the products and services to the customers.
  • Quora - LinkedIn is a sought after social media platform for answering the queries of the people about the products and services with over 300 million active users on it. The business can promote itself to the customers and attain lots of conversions efficiently.


Social Media Marketing has become more important as the scope of social media widens exponentially daily. It is cost-effective and easy to access for businesses for sharing their content and getting lots of website visitors. Businesses can use the advanced features of various social media platforms to perform SMM that leads to the creation of a loyal customer base. iGlobe Solutions provides you with a comprehensive range of SMM services to create brand awareness for your business on social media platforms for promoting the products and services. Our IT team works with you collaboratively to create an SMM strategy and then implements it thoroughly to perform the digital marketing processes better. With our SMM services, the brand awareness of your business improves and it leads to higher sales of products and services for attaining optimal growth for the business.