Nov 21, 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to optimize the main content of your website. With optimization, you can make your content visible and make your web page more appealing by bettering its positioning. We present you the SEO Checklist which ultimately enhances the organic traffic on your website.

How to use SEO Checklist

Here we have divided this checklist into sections that cover the parts: 

  • SEO Checklist
  • Checklist for Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist 

Starting with the basics one should keep in mind to become a higher ranker in SEO is:

Start the google analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that provides you with the data of people visiting your site. This also includes the information of visitors like their engaging element on the web page, what they like, and where they have come from.

Use The Google Search Console

This is one of the most powerful SEO tools. With the search console, you’ll know the site’s performance in Google searches. 

It has many valuable features:

  • Search for keywords that bring you the most traffic.
  • Put forward your sitemap.
  • Fix website errors.
  • Be updated with your page scores.

Create and Submit a Sitemap

The sitemap is a list of URLs that particulate your site's main content and ensure it is in the index. The sitemap is to help search engines decide which page should be dragged down and which one is its official page. 

After creating your sitemap, make sure to submit it to the Google Search Console.

Set up a Robots.txt File

This tells the search engine to crawl the pages and tells what can or cannot be sought from the site. The general use of this is to save your site from being crawled and cannot be used to deindex your webpage.

Checklist for Keyword Research 

The basic foundation of SEO is Keyword Research. Here this checklist will help you to find the keywords searchers looking for.

Keywords from The Google Keyword Planner 

This tool is Google’s official keyword research tool. This one is designed for google ads and is very useful as all data comes from Google itself.

Look for long-tail keywords with “Google Suggest”

This one is the best way to find out long tail keywords. Let’s see how it works:

First of all, type the keyword in google, and then don’t press Enter or the search icon, just check for the keywords suggested by google. These words have come directly from google means people are searching for it. These will make great keywords for your content.

Search in Online Communities 

There are various online communities like Quora and Reddit which happen to be good places to find the keywords. They suggest you with words people are searching for and make your work easy.

On-Page SEO Checklist

This tip is to optimize your content using tested on-page SEO techniques.

Adding keywords in your URL

The URL helps audiences to understand your page. Adding a keyword in the URL can improvise your CTR. As for now, my target audience is those looking for SEO Checklist. So I’ll make a URL for my targeted audiences by adding SEO-Checklist in the URL.

Use Of Keyword In Title Track

It’s the basic and important thing to add keywords to your title tags. But everyone should know where to put it. It would be very helpful to add a keyword at the start of your title.

Use of keywords at the start of content

Google emphasizes more on the first 100- 200 words of your page. Because of this use your keyword here. For example, in this blog, I have used “SEO Checklist” in the first 50 words.

Improvise your SEO Checklist with iGlobe Solutions 

This is the most competitive time to make and maintain a web page and to outstand your competitors you should work on the tips mentioned and improvise your SEO performance.

There are so many innovative ideas to design your website and create content but keeping up with SEO optimization is equally important to stay and win the race.