Jan 23, 2023

In today’s era, almost everyone is looking for a platform where they can show up their goods and services to the interested audience, and could get good conversions through it. Instagram is one of them, it not only displays your products but also makes your customers know about them when posted.

Instagram is constantly updating its platform to make it more user-friendly and engaging for its users. As we head into 2023, there are a number of new features and updates that users can expect to see on the social media giant.

IGTV Integration with Reels

Instagram has announced that it will be integrating its long-form video platform, IGTV, with its short-form video feature, Reels. This integration will allow users to easily switch between the two formats and create more dynamic content for their followers.

How it works:

You can get a good engagement to your Instagram account through reels. Sharing valuable content will help you to get good viewers and can also increase your followers. 9 AM and 12 PM are good times to post reels from Monday to Thursday.

Instagram Shop

By introducing Instagram Shop, Instagram is making it even easier for users to shop on the platform. This feature will allow users to purchase products directly from a brand's Instagram page, making the shopping experience more seamless and convenient.

New AR Filters and Effects

Instagram is always pushing the boundaries regarding augmented reality (AR) filters and effects. In 2023, users can expect to see even more innovative and interactive AR filters and effects that will allow them to express their creativity and personality in new ways.

Improved Video Calling and Live Streaming

Instagram is also focusing on improving its video calling and live streaming capabilities. This includes new features such as the ability to share screens during video calls, as well as better sound and video quality during live streams.

Increased Focus on Privacy

As social media users become increasingly concerned about their privacy, Instagram is taking steps to ensure that its users feel safe and secure on the platform. This includes new features such as the ability to control who can see your story, and new tools for reporting and blocking unwanted content.

Overall, Instagram is constantly evolving and updating its platform to make it more engaging and user-friendly for its users. With these new features and updates, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Instagram users. Visit iGlobe Solution’s official website today, or click here: for more information.