Aug 26, 2021

Seo writing is the way of increasing the customer traffic on the website. This SEO content must be unique and readable enough to get the attention of customers. The inverted pyramid is the new way of writing SEO content that gives uniqueness and readability to your content.


This basically works along with the three major parts that are the lede, body, and tail. In the lede part, we introduce our topic in a precise way with the topic layout. In the body part, we talk about the topic in an elaborative way that makes sense.  The third is the tail where we summarise our writing in a brief. This approach is used by iGlobe Solutions, the best SEO company in Jaipur in order to make quality content.


How to write SEO content by using the inverted pyramid?

An inverted pyramid is a procedural approach that helps the SEO writer an elaborative idea to write the content that would make sense and catchy enough to get the attention of the customer’s segment.

There are 10 major steps that help you in writing the SEO content that posses quality.

Create a topic hierarchy approach

In order to write SEO content, one should prioritize the topic and subheading that need to be cover while the content is writing. This involves the heading and subheading around that the whole writing revolves.

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Write your taglines

The taglines and hooks must be written that help you to catch the attention of the customer. These must be catchy and unique enough that bound the customer to read the entire content. These taglines are used by content marketing companies in Jaipur to make the content more powerful.

Put the target keywords on the priority list

Target keywords must be selected carefully and put on the priority list. The SEO writer must need to utilize the keywords in a precise way so the user can understand the idea behind the writing.

Write for skimmers

When you write SEO content, you must keep in mind that the blog or content must be skimmed enough as a novel where a procedural approach must be used.  These skimmers are effective in digital content marketing agencies to create more user-friendly content.

Use bucket brigades to your writing

You must opt for a bucket brigade to your writing that adds value to your content. The catchy phrases and enormous quotes make your content more catchy.

Utilize numbers and bullet points

You should create a baseline and list bullet points to make the SEO content more proofread. This is effective in maintaining readability in the content that gives precise information to the reader.

Add context and helpful resources

You should use more helpful content and resources in a context that contains factual information. This is helpful in engaging the reader with the content till the end of the line.

Create heading by inducing questions

You must use heading in a manner of asking a question and the following paragraph must contain the proper elaborative answer.

Your core sentence must lead the paragraph

Your paragraph must be started with the core sentence and move ahead with the proper information or the definition.

Include the conclusion at the end

Your writing doesn’t end what conclusion where you summarise your whole content and give suggestions if you have any related to the topic.

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Benefits of using the inverted pyramid


  1. This is helpful in establishing east to follow a framework that is effective in reading and posses sense in a procedural way.
  2. It is beneficial in engaging customers and creates a huge amount of traffic due to quality content.
  3. It is helpful in clarifying the writing and increase readability.
  4. To increases organic traffic by using target keywords and search engine optimization.
  5. It encourages the user to read the entire blog or content.

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